Wednesday Night Book Study

Beginning on Wednesday, October 22, our Adult Education series will continue with a three-week book study led by Young Adult Volunteer, Jenn Landrein. We will be discussing Year of Plenty by Craig L. Goodwin and exploring the intersections of faith, environment, and everyday life.

 Please join us at 7:00 pm on Wednesday evenings to engage in healthy conversation surrounding what drives our pursuit of Christian living.


The church reforming, and being reformed 

The life of any church is a balance between tradition and innovation, between doing what we have always done and finding new things to do. If you have been looking for a worshiping community that is solidly grounded in its faith, that knows its history and its traditions, but is also engaged in rediscovering the core elements of Christian faith, and re-envisioning them in the light of today's world, then come worship with us.

Rational, worshipful, spiritual and communal, we strive to live out our faith in community. Our services are open to all who seek the Grace of Jesus Christ, who desire the know the love of God and hunger for the fellowship of the Spirit.

 "I invite all seekers, all inquirers and all those interested in discovering (or rediscovering) the Reformed Traditions of the Christian faith to come and fellowship with us."

--Rev. Donald P. Hammond






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